Balázs Balogh is jazz drummer, percussionist and composer who played with his Balázs Balogh quartet ( Anil Bilgen piano, Ivar Križić doublebass, Tobias Pustelnik saxophone) at seventh festival "Freeing" 6.7.2019. at Ustanova kulture "Stari grad". Concert was supported by Collegium Hungaricum Belgrade.

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The project "Give me 5" is our way of staying in touch with the jazz audience. It is the festival's jazz program for 2020/2021. As part of the project, artists that performend on the ''Freeing'' festival in previous years share the five albums that influenced their playing the most. 

Give me 5 Balázs Balogh:

+ Dave Brubeck -Time Out

This was one of my first introductions to jazz. Morello's drumming and the use of odd meters fascinated me.

+ Art Blakey & Jazz Messengers - Ugetsu

Probably the hardest swinging band ever. Blakey's energy is incomparable, and he "raised" so many great musicians through the more than 30 years of the band.

+ John Coltrane- A love supreme

 This album and Crescent are the most mature works from the quartet in my opinion, showing incredible unity and freedom. I believe with A Love Supreme Coltrane managed to concieve a clear message.

+ Miles Davis-Bitches Brew

 Order in chaos. The genius of Miles to be able to put the right people together, without major instructions, letting their creativity flow through interaction.

+ Jackie McLean- Jacknife

One of my late(r) experiences is Jackie McLean. I love the raw sounds and DeJohnette's drumming on this one.