Oleg Markov iz jazz drummer and composer who played drumms at seventh festival "Freeing" in Matyas Bartha trio with Matyas Bartha (drumms) and Mathyas Hofecker (doublebass)  7.7.2019. at Music academy in Belgrade. Concert was supoported by Austrian kultur forum. 

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The project "Give me 5" is our way of staying in touch with the jazz audience. It is the festival's jazz program for 2020/2021. As part of the project, artists that performend on the ''Freeing'' festival in previous years share the five albums that influenced their playing the most.

1) Hank Mobley - Soul Station

Hank Mobley is one of my favorite saxophone players. But this album is the best in my opinion from his whole discography. What a band, what a masterpieces solos, what a groove, just swinging hard!

2) Ben Webster and Sweets Edison - Ben & Sweets

Every time I listen to it I start to sing and dance immediately. They all swing so good that you get happy for the rest of a day. 

3) George Shearing - Jazz Moments

This album is a pure gold. If you wanna know what beauty is you have to listen to that album. Unbelievably beautiful music. Just listen to it and you will understand me.

4) Ernestine Anderson - Never Make Your Move Too Soon

When I heard this album very first time, I just got goosebumps. You all have to listen to the first song ?Never Make Your Move To Soon?. It?s so groovy! What a great jazz shuffle! Also there are beautiful ballads and the way Ernestine sings them with her wonderful voice. And of course Montys Alexander playing you will always remember. The whole band is just tight and cooking. 

5) John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

?A Love Supreme? is something really special. Coltrane and his band takes your heart and holds it till the end of the album with there powerful and energetic playing, with their philosophical music, with there general mood and sound, etc. it?s a very spiritual album.